Our Clients are proud to announce that their recent BCA extension and renovation will be show cased at the Cumbrian Green Build Festival.
For further details please see below:

Come and see how a contemporary sustainable extension has been built onto an Edwardian house near Cockermouth, complete with an air-source heat pump.
The owners revamped the whole house last year, to make it open plan and extremely energy efficient. There is triple glazing throughout, and a high amount of passive solar gain via very large south facing glazed areas. There’s a 4kW capacity PV array on the garage roof, underfloor heating fired by an air-source heat pump, and two wood-burning stoves.

The owners benefited from a Green Deal grant for external wall insulation, as well as Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for heating and green tariff for the PV.

There’s a small woodland that supplies all the wood needed for the stoves, and large areas of newly planted meadow. There is a big garden with a small orchard, vegetable plot and a wildlife pond, which you’ll be welcome to visit as well.

Please note that the pond is fully open and visitors with children will need to supervise them at all times.

Refreshments, including teas and coffees, are available in the Lorton village shop nearby.