Kentmere House

Situated in the Kentmere Valley we were commissioned to convert a relatively dark, modestly-sized bungalow into a light, spacious, warm family home.

Two large dormer roof extensions perpendicular to the existing ridge allowed the addition of large bays of glazing to the West, and increased headroom at bedroom level by transferring rectangular rooms into ‘L’ shaped rooms. These dormers were key in creating views of the fields and fells beyond.

Locating the staircase and vaulted dining room in one of these dormers, with trussed double height space, created a large light well into the heart of the building. A gable extension, removal of internal walls and the addition of a large fireplace opened out the ground floor, creating extensive family living space our clients required.

All windows and doors were replaced with English oak, which in combination with cladding the building in local stone and a local slate roof transformed a tired bungalow into a contemporary Cumbrian rural home.

Despite its arts and crafts appearance, the interior contains a modern plant room with a sophisticated ground source heat pump connected to horizontal ground collectors in the adjoining land. The property’s position at the base of a valley meant that a two-stage flood defence and improved drainage system were incorporated into the wider ground works.