Client – Millbeckstock

Windermere Barn

The existing barn was a traditional and substantial three storey Cumbrian ‘Bank Barn’ with a smaller adjoining shippon overlooking Windermere. The barn has been in the ownership of the family for generations. Phase one involved working with the client to provide an economic strategy that would yield a successful commercial scheme, while preserving the emotional asset and providing a community gain.

A feasibility study looked at the design and costs of live work units versus apartments and houses. Eventually the three house split was chosen as this preserved the character of the barn while delivering a mixture of units for varying local budgets and demographics.

The uncompromising environmental beliefs of the client provided a fascinating challenge to provide a very green scheme within the confines of an existing Barn, while opening up large glazed areas. The resulting solution was the timber frame ‘box within the box’ incorporating high levels of insulation, passive gains and air tightness construction. The envelope achieved an average air tightness of 1.28 m3/hm2@50Pa – equivalent to Passivhaus Silver.  An MVHR heat recovery and incredibly small boilers yielded an environmental scheme we all were very proud of.