We can hardly believe it ourselves but our lovely clients in Malvern have achieved what they set out to do… build a house in six months. An excellent architect and a good set of working drawings have ensured that the clients have been able to remotely project their build. Choosing SIPs construction has enabled the structure of the build to have gone up in record time. Work began in earnest in January 2017 when the 1980s four bedroom house was demolished and the site was levelled ready building work to begin. The SIPs panels were craned in onto site in early February and the team of Glosford engineers began to piece the building together. We all blinked and by the beginning of March the structure was complete. Roofers were on site straight away seaming together the metal roof and once water tight first-fix began internally whilst the cedar cladding went on externally. A sophisticated mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) system and air source heat pump were installed and by the end of April the house was boarded out and awaiting windows and plastering. The finishing touches of a bespoke Hatt kitchen and stunning bathrooms were added in June and the clients moved in yesterday!

A phenomenal achievement by all involved!